Taggart Homes

I also work with organisations to increase the wellbeing of staff and increase productivity. Here ‘s what the owner and workers at Taggart Homes have to say:

“Staff turnover has almost disappeared from Taggart Homes. Our workers across all sectors are much happier in their work and take huge pride in what we do. This has seen a huge benefit in terms of staff retention, health and safety and the work environment. Staff are confident. They can raise any issue and every issue can be talked about and resolved.” – Michael Taggart

“Gabrielle provides a confidential service in-house. I know men are reluctant to discuss their mental health and I was like that too – it’s not cool to be seen talking about your mental health but I feel now that taboo is being eroded, especially here at Taggart Homes.” – building site worker 

“The lifestyle coaching changed my life for the better, at work and at home. I look at things differently now, I’m much more positive in how I see things. At first I laughed at the suggestion of taking part in the programme. I thought counselling was for other people. I now realise it can benefit everyone. I now like going to work in the morning.” – building site worker

“There is a stereotypical view of building site workers. We’re all real people with real feelings too and that’s why the Taggart Homes mental health and well-being programme works. It’s very real.” – Site Manager 

Helping organisations and businesses manage the mental wellbeing of their staff is something I am passionate about. We spend a lot of our life at work and if that time isn’t happy it can have a massive impact on all areas of our life. I’m delighted that my work with Taggart Homes has produced such effective and lasting results.