What is a seminar?

A seminar is an online, weekly, two-hour event hosted by Gabrielle that focuses on a specific topic that involves defined enquiries on a personal level, unique to you. Gabrielle uses a combination of transformational coaching with psychotherapy which provides a uniquely empowering model for personal growth and development. This process has been specially designed by Gabrielle to drive and deliver life changing results. To achieve breakthroughs. Delivered in a therapeutic group setting on zoom, the seminars are a toolkit for handling all of life’s curveballs. During the seminar experience, each participant has access to ongoing support by an Assisting Coach. Each Assisting Coach is dedicated to support the transformations and hold each participant accountable for reaching their goals, even outside of the 2-hour weekly sessions. The seminars provide a safe space for you the have the conversation you need to have.

What can I expect in a seminar?

  • Explore your thought process.
  • Uncover what’s locking you in a deadlock.
  • Join a community.
  • Engage in deeper conversations.

Why to do the seminar?

  • Ongoing access to a community 
  • Gives you personal accountability for change in your life 
  • Creates a space for results to show up
  • Results oriented
  • Designed by an Intuitive Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach Expert with 30+ years
  • Facilitated by Trained Assisting Coaches

Upcoming Seminars