The Vibe Tribe Retreats

It is not just any retreat, it's the VIBE TRIBE Retreat.

What is a retreat?

‘Gabrielle’s retreats are like 6 months of therapy in one weekend’ – Tracey Collapy

A Vibe Tribe Retreat is an event that completely transforms your life regardless of what level of life you live on. A therapeutic event by nature, which uses a combination of transformational coaching with psychotherapy that provides a uniquely empowering model for personal growth and development. This process has been specially designed by Gabrielle to drive and deliver life changing results. To achieve breakthroughs. This specially designed therapeutic process uses methods such as human behavioural development, meditation, somatic music and dance therapies and result orientated activities to guide you to the life and breakthrough you deserve.

A truly immersive experience where you meet yourself at a level you have never experienced before. A retreat is not just a ‘once off’ event. The retreat gives you access to a living, breathing and supportive community where you have the opportunity to make lifelong connections. 

Why should you attend the retreat?

  • If you are at a crossroads in life and have decisions to make, the retreat is the place for you. 
  • If you are locked in somewhere emotionally or mentally and don’t know how to get out of it, the retreat is the place for you.
  • If you are willing to drive positive changes in your life and level up, the retreat is the place for you.
  • If you want to gain access to a toolkit for managing and dealing with old, repeating patterns, the retreat is the place for you.

What do you do on a retreat?

  • Manifest your dreams
  • Fall in love with you
  • Find your purpose
  • Join a loving and supportive community
  • Connect with yourself and others
  • Gain access to a toolkit for managing your emotions

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