Your hidden superpower is excellence. You do everything well and really know ‘what good looks like’ – no half measures for you! As a result people know they can count on you to do excellent work, to get things right and to keep going until it’s all done properly. You’re also great in relationships because you take responsibility for your own feelings and rarely play the victim. You have a strong sense of fairness and you hold yourself to high standards. You can always be counted on to ‘do the right thing’. You do what you say you’ll do and people trust you knowing that your word is your bond. You make a great friend as you also bring excellence to your friendships. You have leadership qualities and you treat everyone fairly and equally recognising the skill of others. You are also a good team member wanting the team to do its best work and succeed.

The pitfall is that your can fall into perfectionism. This can result in things never being good enough (including yourself) as you try to achieve the unachievable. Your sense of responsibility can become over-developed so you end up feeling responsible for everything and guilty about things that aren’t your fault. Another pitfall is trying to save face when things go wrong – your perfectionism won’t allow you to tell the truth about things that upset and disturb you. You may have an idealised image of what a person can be or achieve and can feel demotivated and give up even before you try because deep down you know you are asking the impossible of yourself.

Develop All Your Superpowers

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