You're an EMPATH


Your hidden superpower is empathy. What does that mean? It means you have the ability to tune into other people’s feelings and truly understand what it’s like for them. You are able to walk a mile in their shoes and have compassion and concern for what is going on for them. You are the one they come to when they’re in trouble as they know you won’t judge them and will be there for them. You spend a lot of time connecting with other people and you can read them so well that sometimes they think your psychic!

A difficulty with this superpower is the lack of boundaries. You can walk into a room and pick up the atmosphere instantly and you can easily feel what other people are feeling. The issue comes when you don’t know whether it’s your own or other people’s feelings that are affecting you. You can also fall into the trap of needing other people’s approval and use your superpower to get them to like you. The skill to develop is in knowing how to use your superpower wisely and know when you’re just picking up other people’s stuff that you don’t have to react to.

Develop All Your Superpowers

Being an Empath is your ‘natural’ superpower – the one you use without thinking. Now, imagine what it would be like to be able to use ALL the available superpowers – like  success, courage, excellence, and wisdom. Would you like to find and use all of them? We’re offering an online workshop for only €15! Click the button to find out more!