Your hidden superpower is courage. You are the sort of person who is not afraid to call it like it is and you are not afraid to speak out. You act on your convictions and face threats challenges and difficulties despite your doubts and fears. You are honest with yourself and others and you make an effort to present yourself and your reactions accurately to people. You persevere despite obstacles and disappointments. You’re the one people count on to keep the boat afloat when the going gets tough. You often jump into situations to try and sort them out and you love a good argument! You tell people straight out what you think and you have the reputation of being a bit of a rebel when you refuse to go along with things that don’t work for you or others. You certainly don’t mind rocking the boat!

On the downside you can be judgemental and self-righteous. You have a tendency to be a bit ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ about things you care about and because you are not afraid to speak out others can feel overwhelmed by you, even bullied. You don’t ever set out to upset people, but when push comes to shove your need to be honest outweighs caring about other people’s feelings.

Learning to step back and forgive is your biggest challenge, but when you do you can truly be a force for good.

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