Your hidden superpower is the willingness to take action. You are great at getting things done, even if it seems that your To Do list is never ending. You are great at taking an idea and turning it into something practical by taking action. You’re great at spotting what there is to do in any given situation and you don’t hang about thinking about it – you just do it. This is the key to success!

You need to watch out for over-doing it and being too driven. You may find that others start giving you a wide berth as you try and engage them in yet another activity that you think would be great for them. The other pitfall is getting downcast when  you haven’t been able to achieve a goal that you thought should have been easy for you. Whilst you are generally upbeat and positive about your self and the way you do things, you get stressed by failure.  You really believe in success and because of that you are generally a successful person. it’s when you get very disappointed that things can go awry and you slide into negative self-talk.

It’s good to remember that you don’t have to be successful at everything and that great strength can be gained from learning to fail well. Many of the most successful people are the ones who have learned to be comfortable with their own and other people’s failure. Seeing failure as part of success is when this superpower really delivers a life that sings!

Develop All Your Superpowers

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