Payment & Refund Policy

All consultations either face-to-face or on Zoom, Whatsapp,Skype etc must be paid for on booking, via the website or by bank transfer. If you pay by BACS use your name as the reference then your payment is traceable to you having paid it.

There is a 7 day cancellation policy, you will be charged for your session in full if you give less than 7 days notice of cancellation. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances for your cancellation within the 7 day period please get in touch to discuss. It is at our discretion as to what counts as an extenuating circumstance. Wherever possible we will try to schedule a new appointment for you. If you give more than 7 days notice you will receive a full refund minus a €10 administration fee.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive on time for your session. As other people will be booked after you it won’t be possible to go over your consultation time if you are late. Being punctual ensures you receive all of your time. This includes online sessions via Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype etc.

If your session is via Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype etc it is your responsibility to ensure that communications your end are working and that you are in a suitable (private) place for your consultation. No additional time will be given for avoidable interruptions at your end.