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Why is goal setting important?

Goal setting underpins any work that seeks to make something happen. Some of my clients come to me frustrated that the things they want in their life are not happening, despite what they believe are their best efforts. When we take a closer look one (or more) of the following is usually the case:

  • they haven’t defined what they want in any detail. The statement “I want to feel better” isn’t really a goal, more a statement of intention which will need a number of goals to realise
  • a mismatch between what they want and the goal they are pursuing. For example, the intention to ‘build a thriving business’ is incompatible with ‘have more holidays’. Whilst these are not mutually exclusive, a reality check will show that building a thriving business will take a lot of time, energy and resources. At the outset it is likely this will be incompatible with taking more holidays!
  • there are clearly defined goals, but no action is taking place. Procrastination is ruling the roost!
  • Setting huge goals. This usually involves setting goals which would take years to accomplish. You need to eat the elephant one bite at a time!
  • no goals at all! You’d be surprised at how often my clients come to me saying “I don’t know what I want really, I just want to be happy.” Again happiness is a great intention, but what does it really¬†mean in your life? What would make you happy?

The old cliche goes “If you don’t plan, you are planning to fail.” How do you know you’ve got where you’re going if you don’t know how to measure it?



Keep on keeping on

It’s very human to start well, full of enthusiam and good intentions, only to run out of steam or have your good intentions hijacked by life. Whilst things are always going to get in the way, it is important to not lose motivation and to keep going as best you can. I work with clients to keep them on track even when it looks like things are falling apart!

Nothing suceeds like success

Getting into the habit of setting goals and achieving them, is one of the most motivating things you can do for youself. It doesn’t matter how small you start, even accomplishing the smallest thing that you set yourself enables you to build trust with yourself.

It also builds trust with others around you who will see you as someone who gets things done. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when those around you relate to you as someone who knows what you want and goes out to get it. It’s an indefinable thing but it really works!

I work with clients to set realistic and measurable goals that really will contribute to what you want in your life. Setting the right goals at the right level means that you won’t become disheartened or let things fall by the wayside.

Goals can cover literally anything you want – from relationships, to work projects, to health and wellbeing.


How Do I know If Therapy & Coaching is Right For Me?

It’s good to have questions about whether this will work for you. Here are our Frequently Asked Questions.

What if it doesn't work for me?

If you approach it with an open mind and heart you will get results. Occassionally I am unable to help someone generate significant breakthroughs in their life and if this happens rest assured I will stop the therapy and suggest other people who may be able to help you. Ultimately it’s in your own hands. The tools and techniques have worked for thousands of people and there is no reason for them not to work for you!

Is there any type of problem this is not suitable for?

This type of work is not suitable for people who suffer from severe mental illnesses that require ongoing medication such as psychosis, bi-polar and severe personality disorders. It is likely that if you have these type of illnesses that you are already receiving treatment from medical professionals. Of course, if a medical professional refers you to me then I am happy to work with you.

How long will it take?

How long it takes is totally dependent on your own process. Some people are able to move quickly and others are more comfortable taking things slowly. You will normally notice things starting to change after two or three sessions. The changes may not be dramatic, but over time you will notice an apprecable difference. If you remain ‘stuck’ after a few weeks of us working together, we will discuss this and see explore what we need to do next. This may include me refering you to someone else.

Is what we talk about confidential?

Absolutely. My Code of Practice and Ethics requires that everything we say and do together is completely confidential. As we are working online together, it is important that you make sure you are in a safe place, out of sight of prying ears and eyes when you are talking to me. If, for some reason, you are unable to concentrate on our session because you can’t find a private space, we can reschedule. However, you will be liable for the cost of the session as it is your responsbility to make sure you are in an appropriate environment.

What happens if nothing changes in my life?

This is a common worry. It can seem almost impossible that a difficult situation or relationship can change simply by talking about it. However, part of what I do is to monitor your progress, and if you seem stuck we will work through that. One of the reasons people get stuck is that they are unwilling to change their minds about themselves and others. Fundamental to successful therapy and coaching is an open mind and heart. It may take a little work to get to that, but it’s my job to support you with it. Sometimes the most successful outcomes happen for people who were initially very stuck!

Still Have Questions?