Womens' Confidence Training

SPECIAL OFFER: 10% Discount until 24th May!



Dates: 10 weeks starting Thursday 27th May 2021
May: 27,
June: 3, 10, 17, 24
July: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Time: 7pm – 9.30pm BST

Location: Online/Zoom

Cost: €50 per session (payable monthly in advance)

SPECIAL OFFER 10% Discount: €45 per session (€50 course saving!) open until Monday 24th May.



An upsetting fact is that women and men with similar levels of education and experience have drastically different senses of their abilities when it comes to starting and running a business. In one research report nearly 70% of men were confident in themselves, while less than half of women felt the same. As building a successful business takes lots of effort and resources, believing in yourself is an essential building block to success.

In this course you will identify your own personal blocks to self-confidence and will learn how to overcome them. You will develop your own ‘confidence style’ that taps into your true self and will be amazed at how quickly your confidence grows throughout the course with the support of like-minded women!

You will get access to tools and practices that will bring you power in all areas of your life, so even if you feel OK about your confidence in some areas, we will enable you to  experience power and freedom in ALL areas.

Previous participants report major breakthroughs in:

  • Starting a new business
  • Pricing their services appropriately
  • Asking (and getting) investment in their business
  • Saying ‘no’ to the wrong sorts of clients
  • Feeling comfortable featuring in videos and podcasts
  • Setting firm boundaries with clients – not allowing ‘scope’ creep on projects
  • Being able to pitch for work
  • Speaking up in meetings
  • Holding their own with male counterparts
  • Having the confidence to ‘pivot’ their business into new markets

They also report breakthroughs in their personal lives with such things as relationships with friends and family and lots of other things too – including a massive increase in feelings of power, wellbeing and gratitude!

We also help people work through past-based issues and limiting beliefs as well as covering life purpose and manifesting so you can make the most of your new found confidence and reach for the stars.

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The training course comprises ten weekly 2.5 hour sessions. To book on the Womens’ Confidence Training starting on Thursday 27th May 2021,  please read the Terms and Conditions and then fill in the form below. Someone will be in touch to take your payment and answer any questions you may have.