Dealing with Heartbreak

Introductory Workshop

Dealing with Heartbreak

Heartbreak is horrible! When a relationship ends we can go through a range of painful and intense emotions that seem uncontrollable and that severely affect our life. We can end up feeling used, abandoned and mistrustful with our self-confidence having taken a severe knock. We can also be tempted into behaviours that really don’t serve us in our desperate attempt to make ourselves feel better.

In this workshop we will look at all the stages of heartbreak and offer tools and practices that will enable you to work through it as quickly and safely as possible.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding why we experience such intense feelings at this time and how to manage them
  • The stages of heartbreak, with the pitfalls of each stage and how to avoid them
  • How not to get ‘stuck’ in the grieving process
  • How to repair our self-confidence and move on
  • How to let go of relationships that don’t work for us despite fearing heartbreak
  • Having a good self-care routine during this time


Wednesday 14th July 7:00pm – 9:00pm