Confidence Workshop


Saturday 19th June 2021 – 11:00-14:00 BST

by Zoom

Cost: €30

Have A Breakthrough In Confidence

If self-confidence was not a problem, what would you do?

In this three-hour introductory workshop we explore what is blocking your confidence and provide you with the tools  to generate a breakthrough so you can powerfully move on.

Many people struggle with self-confidence particularly in areas such as:

  • putting your hand up in meetings
  • doing presentations
  • saying ‘no’ to someone in authority
  • setting boundaries around how you want to be treated
  • applying for your dream job – because you don’t feel you’re ‘perfect’
  • asking for a pay rise or time off
  • charging a decent amount for your services
  • taking charge in situations that need your input

Coming out of lockdown we notice that there are people who feel that they’ve lost a bit of confidence. There are also people who think this is a perfect opportunity to up their game and become their best selves, yet there is a nagging doubt in the back of their minds that they’re not good enough or that they just don’t have what it takes. We will explore all this (and more) in the workshop and using our unique tools, you will have the chance to get a breakthrough!