Join a Women's Group

Accelerate Your Development

¬†Women’s Groups

Our Women’s groups are for women who are ready to spread their wings and use the power of community to step-up to the next level in their lives. Being in a group is powerful as you get to experiment and try things out in a safe setting. This includes things like:


  • learning to speak in front of a group of others. Most people find the notion of ‘public’ speaking terrifying! The group provides a safe and loving environment for you to spread your wings and give it a go
  • getting positive feedback from a range of other like-minded women so that you can move beyond your internal critic – you really are much greater than you know!
  • having an opportunity to role play and try out different modes and methods of communication in a safe environment so that you can be more powerful in everyday life
  • getting to speak your truth out loud so you can try out being fully self-expressed and feel what that’s like
  • having a sounding board so you can explore limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back
  • draw power and strength from a community that is committed to your growth and development


Our Promise To You

This is your opportunity to become part of a like-minded group coming together to empower and support each other to achieve our best lives.

Through your participation you will:

  • gain a new access to powerful communication that makes a difference for yourself and others
  • find new levels of empowerment and ability to take action
  • achieve the results that are important to you more quickly and easily
  • be left with an experience of personal growth beyond what you could have imagined.

Topics Covered

Each group explores what seems most relevant to members based on what they are up to in their lives.  However, here are some of the topics and issues we can explore together:

  • transforming anxiety
  • releasing limiting beliefs
  • goal setting
  • harnessing anger to create power
  • turning failure into rocket fuel
  • how to nurture self-love
  • creating and deepening intimate and heart-felt relationships
  • how to listen to others so they find you irresistible (this is great for work relationships too!)

Terms and Conditions

Participants in the group need to agree to Terms and Conditions that set up the rules and create a safe space for everyone in the group. People who are unable to agree to these will not be admitted to the group.

Read the Terms and Conditions here.