Gabrielle McGee

Breakthrough Therapist and Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Gabrielle! I think fun and laughter are an essential ingredient in everything we do. Having a great life doesn’t have to be hard work and I make sure fun is part of my therapy and coaching.

My Story

I am a experienced psychotherapist and transformational coaching expert.

I was born in Donegal in Ireland and after many years in London have returned to my home county. I now live in my dream house with my partner of fifteen years and eight dogs.

Early in my career I developed a keen interest in what makes people tick, and ended up studying Psychology at Birkbeck College (London University). I went on to do post graduate studies on Gestalt and Humanistic Psychotherapy qualifying as a psychotherapist in 1997. I’ve subsequently qualified in Clinical Hynotherapy and Somatic Therapy.  As well as being an experienced psychotherapist, I have extensive training and experience in transformational coaching.

I now blend transformational coaching with psychotherapy that provides a uniquely empowering model for personal growth and development. This new model aims at healing the source of the issues in our lives, whilst also focusing on empowering people to take powerful actions that cause breakthroughs. People find themselves living from new possibilities that seemed previously impossible and find themselves with a new level of peace, freedom and success.

My Values & Beliefs

Transformation for everyone

Transformation means being able to live life fully, authentically and free from fear.  This is the birth right of everyone.  I work with clients to help them transform their ‘victim’ stories so they are fully empowered to deal with whatever comes their way. Rather like riding a bike, once you’ve transfomed an area of your life, you never forget and you can’t go back.

Life is meant to be fun!

Often people see ‘working on themselves’ as something heavy and difficult. I take the opposite view – if it ain’t fun it ain’t working! Letting go into laughter is one of the most effective and powerful things we can do.


Being authentic and to relating to others authentically is the bedrock on which true breakthroughs are built. As a breakthrough consultant I say what is there to be said in a robust yet compassionate way. My style of intervention is authentic and real, and perhaps more direct that the usual style of therapy. I believe this empowers clients and enables them to move quickly into creating a life they love.


Integrity is the state of being complete and whole.My clients are left feeling complete and whole during and after the work we do together. I work from the premise that people are already complete and perfect just the way they are and it is only faulty perception that makes them think otherwise. I firmly believe that my clients have nothing wrong with them and this empowering context produces miraculous results.

My Approach

We will work together to achieve the results you want in your life. For the duration of our work together I am an active participant in your transformation. This means I hold myself responsible for delivering the best quality support and advice that I know how to give. I will actively seek to develop an authentic relationship with you and I’ll tell you what I think!

In some therapeutic approaches, the therapy  journey can be long and slow and is often based on the idea that somehow the therapist ‘knows more’ than the client. I believe this approach is outdated and based on the old medical model which assumes that there is something wrong with the client that needs fixing. I believe that everyone is fundamentally whole and complete. However, the strength of therapy is that is does seek to empower feelings and it recognises that sometimes the source of our issues lies in unresolved childhood traumas.

Traditional coaching can be goal and result oriented. It is not usually concerned with feelings, and ascribes more to the ‘just do it’ philosophy. The strength of coaching is that it’s action oriented. It recognises that things only change when you take action. Therapy can encourage clients to take action, but only when they ‘feel’ ready. Coaching recognises that sometimes we need to do things when we don’t ‘feel’ like it. Transformational coaching is effective because it causes breakthroughs where actions, that once seemed impossible, seem easy and inevitable. The actions occur naturally without the need for you to ‘force’  yourself.

My new model combines the strengths of both the therapeutic and transformational coaching models. Together there is the opportunity to heal deep hurts in a way that is client-led, whilst ensuring that they don’t wallow in the past and reinforce the neural pathways caused by the initial trauma or upset. Dancing between the best of both models, clients find their true authentic selves, which includes the not so pretty parts, but fundamentally realise there is nothing wrong with them and never has been. This empowering context enables clients to take responsibility and create a life they love.

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