The Vibe Tribe

A Modern Day Community for the Modern Day World

A psychotherapeutic and result-oriented process developed over 30 years delivered through Retreats, Seminars & Keynote Speeches


It is not just any retreat, it’s the VIBE TRIBE Retreat.

The Vibe Tribe Retreat offers a weekend of magic and breakthroughs. 

Are you ready and willing to transform your life?


A seminar is committed to transforming your life. Designed to deliver results, Gabrielle’s seminars provide a platform for breakthroughs. Log onto the seminar from anywhere in the world and level up your life.

About Gabrielle

My name is Gabrielle McGee and I am an Intuitive Psychotherapist. I have over 30 years’ experience in psychotherapy, human behaviour and personal breakthroughs.

Using my experience, I have designed and developed a therapeutic by nature process that delivers results.

This process is a blend of transformational coaching with psychotherapy that provides a uniquely empowering model for personal growth and development.

This method, the first and only of its kind, aims at healing the source of the issues in our lives, whilst also focusing on empowering people to take powerful actions that cause breakthroughs.

By delivering this result-oriented process through retreats, seminars and keynote speeches I have witnessed a countless amount of personal breakthroughs and paradigm shifts. 

The Vibe Tribe

The Vibe Tribe is a whole new meaning of community. The Vibe Tribe is a space where we can express our shared humanity and honour the crossover of what it means to be human. It is a modern day community, for the modern day world.

The Vibe Tribe is an action in healing. The Vibe Tribe is safe. The Vibe Tribe is love. The Vibe Tribe is home. 

If you are looking for a place to be supported and accepted as your true authentic & vulnerable self, without judgement, The Vibe Tribe is the tribe for you.